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Metal Garage FAQ by National Custom Builders

 Will I Need To Get A Building Permit for My Metal Garage?


Answer: The necessity for a building permit is dictated by your local building codes and enforcement. While we don't mandate permits in most areas for installation, it's advisable to consult with your local authorities for a smooth construction experience.


Additional Information: If a permit becomes essential, we will supply engineered plans stamped and sealed to meet your state's wind and snow load criteria.

Do These Buildings Come With A Warranty?


Answer: Yes. Every metal building sold by National Custom Builders comes with an impressive 41 years of combined warranty. This coverage spans from the raw steel materials to the craftsmanship of the installation.


What Size Does My Concrete Slab/Foundation Need To Be?


Answer: At a minimum, the concrete slab or foundation should match the building's perimeter measurement. A 6-inch (or more) perimeter footing is also suggested.

Additional Information: Local building codes might set forth more specific requirements, so always check with your local officials.


Can I Order My Metal Building with Insulation?


Answer: Absolutely. Given the varying climatic conditions, insulating your new metal garage is often indispensable. We extend a thinner, foil-backed, vapor barrier insulation as an upgrade. However, for the most effective temperature regulation, we recommend spray foam insulation.

Optional Building Features:

  • Design Options:

    • Vertical or Horizontally Oriented Ribbing

    • Fully Customizable Color

  • Structural Variations:

    • Frame Gauge Choices

  • Insulation Options:

    • Vapor Barrier/Insulation: For just $1.25 per linear foot, avail a vapor barrier type insulation for your new metal building. Note: It's vital to have this installed prior to paneling. Post-insulation addition isn't feasible.

  • Additional Enhancements:

    • Doors & Windows

Gallery: Explore our Example Gallery to view some of our past projects and get inspired!

For any further questions or customization inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team at National Custom Builders.


Speak with a specialist today!

Speak with a specialist today!

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