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The New Way To Build

Wanting to see more of, "The New Way to Build?"

Consider a Barndo.

We are just a phone call away from starting your own project. Have an idea of what you would like it to look like and our specialists can take care of getting you the perfecty fit building for your needs. 

Barndo provider
certified barndominium
The NC Builders

The Perfect Canvas For Your Dream Home

Custom garage , shop, barn

Your, "Worry Less" Living
Built With Steel

The NC Builders Barndo page
Barndo interior
Barndo interior
Interior 3d rendering of a barndo plan

From Floor Plans to Construction

Through our consultants, we are able to offer both project specific and generic engineering and architectural services. From site specific structural deigns to truly custom floor plans our consultants are available to work with you to ensure the designs meet your needs. Depending on the complexirt and services requested engineered plans can be turned around within 2 tro 3 weeks form the time payment is revcieved. Whatever plan your local jurisidiction is requiring, our consultants can design and deliver timely. 

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