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15 Benefits of a 4 Car Garage

Are You Interested In Adding A Garage To Your Property? Click Here For Fifteen Benefits Of A Four Car Garage That You're Guaranteed To Love. 

A 4-car garage: why not make it your next home renovation? 

Most of us are always looking to upgrade our homes, but our garage space may be the last thing we think about. But upgrading a garage into space that fits 4 cars may be just what your property needs. 

And even if you want a 4-car garage, maybe your partner doesn’t. But a 4-car garage isn’t just an excuse to get more vehicles – it will upgrade your home. 

Still not convinced? Read our guide explaining the top 11 benefits of a 4-car garage. 

1. You Have A Free Parking Space 

Everyone who’s driven their car in a crowded area has had an experience where they may have spent hours looking for a parking space. 

They drive over and over around the same area, but there’s nothing available. If your property doesn’t have a garage and you need street parking, you may have experienced this too. 

Driving around in circles is never pleasant. Having a parking space will guarantee that you always have a parking spot that you don’t have to pay for. 

And since your car will spend most of its time parked, you shouldn’t have to be spending more than the car is worth on parking. 

Having a 4-car garage is also helpful if you want to have a space for your friends or family members to put their cars when they visit. It will make it much easier for everyone to come out to see you when they know there is a guaranteed place for their vehicle. 

2. Protects Your Vehicles From Weather 

Outside of our homes, our cars are usually one of the largest financial investments that we’ll make. It’s important to protect this investment, especially since your car already loses value as soon as it gets out of the lot. 

Weather conditions are going to play a big role in making your car stand the test of time and keep it at a high value. 

Regardless of where you live, there are always going to be weather conditions that affect your car. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll face snow, blizzards, and freezing temperatures. 

If you live in a rainy climate, heavy rain, flooding, and even hurricanes can damage your car. If you live in a dryer climate, the heat and dry air can also help your car 

Having a four-car garage will make sure that all of your vehicles are protected from the weather. By keeping your car safe in the garage, you’re protecting it from all of the elements and keeping its resale value. 

3. Protects Against Theft & Vandalism 

Car theft is no joke, and it’s become worse in recent years. $7.4 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2020. This is the highest number since 2009. 

Even if you live in a safe area, your car can still get broken into. Car thieves don’t care where the car is – as long as the opportunity is there, they will take it. 

This can involve anything from stealing items inside a car by breaking a window or finding an unlocked car, taking car parts like tires or mirrors, or even taking the entire car itself. 

If you leave your car outside, there is never a 100% guarantee that it will be safe from theft. If you have it in a garage though, it’s much safer. When it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. 

The same goes for vandalism. If you have a nice car or one that you’ve put a lot of additions onto, it may get a lot of attention. This will make it a top target for vandalism. 

Keeping your car stored in the garage will prevent attracting any negative attention that could lead to someone damaging it. 

4. Your Car Will Start Better 

Leaving your car outside in the cold will make it tough to start for several reasons. The gasoline will have a harder time burning, the car’s oil will get thicker in the cold weather, and your car’s batteries will have difficulty producing electrons to get the car started. 

And leaving your car outside in the hot sun for too long will also make it difficult to start. 

If your engine gets too hot, the vapors inside will cause obstructions. Fuel will have a hard time circulating and will make your car have trouble starting. If you continue using your engine for just 30 seconds after it’s overheated, it could cause serious damage. 

When you keep your car in the garage, the temperature is more regulated. While your garage may be colder than your house in the winter and warmer in the summer, it will be nowhere near as bad as the temperatures outside. 

The garage will keep your car at the best temperatures over long periods of time – especially overnight – so that when you start your car will start without a problem, even after it’s been sitting for a while. 

5. Garage Could Become A Solar Roof 

If you live on a farm or other large property, you probably use a lot of energy. It would definitely be nice to reduce those costs, and you’ll have a new opportunity to with a 4-car garage. 

Adding solar panels to your property will give you a renewable energy source so you don’t have to pay for energy from the grid. It will also save you on energy costs in the long run. 

If you’re already building a 4-car garage, why not think about getting a solar panel? You’ll have the stable roof ready to go, so you’ll just need to pay for the panels and installation. 

You also will get a 26% federal tax credit on the panels that you install, which will lower costs significantly. 

6. May Be Grounds For Insurance Discounts 

And speaking of lowering costs, installing a garage that can fit 4 cars can also lower your premium rent insurance. 

By having space for 4 cars, you can get all of your vehicles off of the street and into a safe place. Insurance companies will often give you a discount off your insurance. 

If you live in an area with high traffic, vandalism theft, and bad weather the discount can be even higher. It also depends on your car. If you have a nice car that’s had a few upgrades, keeping it protected in your garage will be a bigger deal to your insurance company. 

7. You Can Work On Your Vehicle 

Having a 4-car garage will make car maintenance easier and way more fun. You’ll have all of the space you need to store your tools and work on the car. If you need to slide under the vehicle, you don’t have to worry about being exposed on the street or in public. 

Having a garage will also let you perform car maintenance all year long. During the winter, you can put a heater in your large garage and spend all day working on your car. 

And if you have a truck or bigger vehicle, a one or two-car garage won’t be helpful if you want to work on your car. You’ll really need a larger space to make all of the changes. 

8. Use Your Space As Storage Garage 

Building a 4-car garage may seem unnecessary if you only have one or two vehicles, but remember that your garage doesn’t always have to function as storage for cars. It can be a storage garage for anything you own. 

Garages are just an extension of your house and can be used for any purpose that you see fit. Most often, people will use their garages to store their other large equipment or vehicles. 

You can put a motorcycle, car parts, bicycle, or other large items that wouldn’t really fit in your home in your garage. 

The space can also be used as a custom storage add-on. You can add wall shelves or custom cabinets in the space to store items that you don’t use a lot but that you want to have nearby. 

You can also use the garage as an additional office or workspace if your job requires a lot of space. For example, if you design and build products, the garage can help you keep everything you need in one convenient area. 

9. Use Your Garage For Your Business 

Some of the biggest companies ever started from a garage, from Amazon and Google to Harley Davidson. Garages were the starting point for these businesses because they were a large space to experiment and were private from the rest of the house. 

Having a 4-car garage will give you room both to store your vehicles safely and to try your next big business idea. 

Extra garage space is even more helpful if you want to focus your business on something like equipment, manufacturing, or repair, all of which will need a lot of space. 

Working in a garage gives you a big benefit because you can make your product, revise it, and change your idea as many times as you want without raising your bills. 

You have a guaranteed space to work, and you don’t need to take anything home with you at the end of the day since you’ll always have easy access to the space. 

Starting a new business also requires long hours. When you’re working from your garage, you won’t have to worry about commuting time or travel costs. 

10. Adds Value To Your Property 

At one point, having a garage on a property was considered to be a great luxury. Now, however, it’s considered a requirement in many areas. Unless you’re living in a large city, your property needs to have garage parking. 

For most properties, the bare minimum is to have a one-car garage. But the majority of new properties being built – about 60% –  will have garage sizes that can fit two cars. 

Two-car garages will definitely add value to your property. But you can even add more value by building a garage that is twice as large. It will add even more value if you live on a large area of land where a homeowner may expect more garage space. 

Even if you don’t think the person you sell your home to would have 4 cars, remember that garages can be used for anything. You can also decorate the garage’s interior to make it more appealing and high-value. 

Having more space gives the next owner a chance to make the home their own. They can have two cars and use the rest of the space as a workshop, or they can have 3 cars and have extra maintenance space. 

11. Don’t Have To Go Outside 

If you live in an area that experiences winter, then you know how annoying it can be for your car. Aside from going outside in the cold into a freezing car, you often have to deal with all of the snow and ice before you drive it. 

Your car may be surrounded by snow, which will make it difficult to move. Shoveling the space around your car will take time, and snowblowers will have difficulty snowplowing your driveway if your car is blocking it. 

Then you’ll have snow covering all of your windows and windshields. You’ll need to remove all of that before you start driving. If may also turn to ice, which is much more difficult to scrape off from your car. 

Storing your car in a garage will eliminate all of these problems. Having a 4-car garage will make it easier for you to use all of your vehicles when it’s snowy and icy out. And your snowplow will be able to clear your whole driveway easily. 

Building Your 4-Car Garage 

Every property needs a garage. But having a 4-car garage will give you even more advantages. Give yourself the chance to try out new opportunities and keep all of your vehicles safe with a 4-car garage. 

For more information on building or starting your next garage project, contact us. 

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