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A Quick Guide to Winter RV Storage

It Is Important To Keep Your RV Safe And Protected During The Winter Months. Click Here For Everything You Need To Know About RV Storage In The Winter. 

The RV market has been booming as more individuals realize the unmatched benefits of this investment. In 2019, the industry had a $114 billion impact on the US economy. And it is expected to do even much better over the coming years. 

However, it takes proper care and maintenance to maximize the functionality and lifespan of your RV. And among the critical yet overlooked care tips is proper winter RV storage. 

As the cold season kicks in, it marks the end of the RVing season. Fall is the best period to prepare your recreational vehicle for winter to ensure that it is in its best shape when the next camping season comes. Keep reading for RV storage tips in winter. 

Invest In A Metal RV Storage 

While there is a range of RV winter covers to choose from, a metal storage building has proven to be the most efficient. The metal buildings are designed to protect your RV from harsh weather conditions. They feature quality roofs and walls to offer a reliable canopy. 

Even better, the storage buildings have flexible interior walls, so they can be designed to accommodate your specific RV length and design. 

The covers are super easy to assemble, and with proper maintenance, you can count on them to serve you for the longest time. What’s more? The metal storage building can significantly increase your property value if you wish to resell it. 

Get Rid Of Perishables 

In the preparations for RV cleaning, remove all perishable items from the vehicle’s interior. You probably have food leftovers from your last road trip. Check the cabinets and fridge for any food items and throw them out. 

Do not overlook under the couches and furniture for any food. Clean the cushions and upholstery in case of spills. Leaving perishables in the RV facilitates mold growth and rust during the RV storage period. 

Clean The Interior And Exterior 

The numerous road trips and camps undoubtedly made a mess on your RV. It is somewhere between very dirty and filthy after the multiple fun trips. 

The worst mistake you would make is to store your RV when covered in dirt. The filth is likely to eat up the system or lead to rust and fade, thus compromising the RV’s durability and functionality. 

Before you think of putting your big rig to rest, give it a thorough scrub, both on the exterior and interior. Ensure to use mild cleaning products. You can check out cleaning tips and checklists on the internet to ensure you touch on every spot. 

Drain The Interior 

Cleaning the RV’s interior is critical, but that alone is not enough to protect it from damages. You need to protect it from mildew growth and awful odors. 

The primary cause of mold growth and unpleasant smell is excess moisture. Furthermore, the water can freeze during the cold season and cause the pipes to burst and damage the interior. 

To prevent such mishaps, drain all the water tanks and lines in the recreational vehicle. Remove in-line filters and drain the fresh water tanks, and don’t forget to empty the black water tank. 

You can quickly drain water using a reverse flush valve, in-built flushing system, or flush wand to empty the black water tank and rinse it. 

While at this, don’t forget to dry the water heater, keeping in mind that leaving any water in the heater poses risks of appliance damages, forcing you to get a new one during fall. 

Use Fuel Stabilizer 

Studies show that gasoline can go bad or become stale during storage. Consequently, it causes sticky resin deposits that can quickly damage the engine. 

The engine is the most critical part of an RV, and you ought to protect it at all costs to avoid expensive repairs or replacement. There is no better way to protect the RV engine during winter storage than adding a fuel stabilizer. 

The stabilizer prevents gasoline from going stale even after months of no use. Ensure to check the manufacturer’s instructions when adding the product. Then fill the rest of the tank with gas. 

Start the generator and engine and let them run for some time to allow the stabilizer to do its intended job in the fuel system. 

Besides, it will help if you change the oil and oil filter before storing the RV. The reason being, used oil contains acids that could erode the engine. 

Remove The Battery 

The extreme cold weather during winter is bad news for car batteries. The best way to protect it from freezing damages is to disconnect the battery before storage. 

Keep the battery in a climate-controlled place such as the basement until the next RVing season. Ensure to check the battery every couple of weeks and recharge it to prevent it from dying completely. 

Recharging the battery is essential because a partially charged battery is at a higher risk of freezing than a fully charged one. 

Save The Tires 

Tires are susceptible to damage by winter cold. It would be best if you inflated the tires as per the manufacturer’s pressure recommendation. Also, place pieces of wood between the tires and the ground to protect them from the frozen ground. 

Furthermore, leaving the tires sitting in one place for months creates flat spots on the tires, and you will have no choice but to replace them when the RVing season comes. 

Ensure that whatever you place under the tires is larger than their footprint. Otherwise, the tires are at risk of damages if any section is left hanging over the edge. Most importantly, use a winter cover to protect the tires from the harsh cold. 

Protect Your RV From Winter To Maximize Its Efficiency And Enjoy The Next RVing Season 

The effort you put in protecting your RV during winter will determine if it will make it to the fall season. It will also have a direct impact on the vehicle’s functionality and safety. 

The above winter RV storage tips should guide you to make the best choices to protect your vehicle from damages. In return, you save yourself from avoidable repairs and replacements, and you enjoy a great riding season. 

We offer quality and guaranteed metal buildings for vehicle storage. Contact us today to make your order, and let us customize a structure that suits your needs. 

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