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“Metal Buildings Near Me”: How to Stop Googling and Start Building

Are You Sick Of Googling "Metal Buildings Near Me" Fruitlessly? Click Here To Learn How You Can Look For And Find These Structures So You Can Start Building. 

When you hear “metal building,” what do you think? Is it that brand new garage you’ve been wanting or that perfect steel barn you saw on your neighbor’s property? 

If you’re a North Carolina resident Googling “metal buildings near me,” look no further. Whether you need to add a durable garage for your hobby or a functional and efficient barn to your property, The NC Builders are here to help. The NC Builders is the premier metal building company in North Carolina with years of experience in customizing and installing the best metal buildings. 

To help you pick the best plan for your metal barns, metal garages, or storage buildings, we’ve put together this guide. Read on to learn about how to choose the right metal building for your needs and what the installation process looks like! 

Choosing The Right Metal Building 

Installing a metal building is often an attractive thought because of its durability and ease of installation. Choosing the right metal building, however, can get a bit more complicated than that. To pick a model that will serve your needs, you’ll have to ask yourself a series of questions. 

As you read through these questions, stay flexible and open-minded. It’s essential to understand the limitations of your budget and your land while considering your priorities for the building. A professional from The NC Builders can help guide you through the process if you have concerns or questions about the buildings. 

What’s Your Budget? 

Metal buildings are incredibly versatile, so many different types of residents and businesses consider them an option for storage and added workspace. Thankfully, building with metal can be affordable and cost-effective. 

Metal buildings are prefabricated, so your building will arrive already put together. As a result, construction costs aren’t the same as wooden buildings, which must be erected on site. 

In addition, steel has become a very effective way to build without waste. Improved computer-aided design programs allow engineers to design buildings quickly and effectively. Only steel that is absolutely needed will be used to create the structure, cutting down on waste and added costs. 

Because metal buildings are easy to produce and install, costs for construction and labor are much lower than other types of buildings. There will be fewer hours of work you’ll have to budget for, and the building itself will be more affordable.  

That said, expect to pay to average about $16 to $20 per square foot of your metal building. For smaller buildings, you might only spend a few thousand dollars. On average, steel buildings could cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

Although seriously reduced in hours, you could expect to pay an added $3 to $6 per square foot for labor. Most of the time, your metal building suppliers keep this labor cost baked into the price of the building. 

If you’re looking to stay frugal about your metal building costs, you can reduce the price by comparing plans and cutting back on some unnecessary add-ons. To learn more about this, ask yourself the following questions. 

With The NC Builders, you can choose to finance, rent, or lease-to-own your metal building. We make it easy to afford your new metal building, even if it means you don’t pay in total upfront. 

What Will You Use The Building For? 

One of the first things a steel building supplier will want to know is exactly why you’d like to install a steel building. Do you run a farm or work on cars for a living? Do you have hobbies or supplies that need storage? 

What exactly you’ll be using the building for will determine what types of steel buildings you can consider and how you can modify them. For example, farmers can use steel buildings as great barns to store agricultural equipment, livestock, supplies, and products. 

If you work on cars, metal garages are a great way to store and work on your vehicles, whether for business or a hobby. 

Choosing a metal building is already a great choice in these scenarios. Steel barns and garages allow for much better space utilization, as they require fewer support columns and rafters. As a result, you’ll be able to store bigger equipment, even if you need space to maneuver that equipment around the inside of the building. 

While metal buildings are a great choice, you’ll need to keep in mind the functionality of the space. Will you need climate control or extra protection from extreme weather? Will you need a lot of sunlight and ventilation? 

Temperature control, environmental protection, sunlight, and ventilation are all factors that will determine the type and style of your building. 

For example, you can choose specific colors to reflect sunlight and protect the interior from heat. Further, if you’re storing large equipment, you’ll need large garage doors to allow passage of that equipment. If you’re keeping livestock, you’ll need to ensure proper sunlight and ventilation. 

Keep these needs in mind as you move forward. 

What Size Building Do You Need? 

First and foremost, metal barns require a concrete slab. To properly account for the size of your building, you’ll need to account for the concrete slab size. 

To install a metal building, you’ll need a concrete slab at least 6 inches larger on each size than the metal building. Many local ordinances require an even larger margin, so it’s essential to check with your town’s laws. 

Make sure that the location you’d like to install your building is prepared for that installation. It should be flat and stable enough to handle the weight of the concrete slab and building. The area should also be open and accessible enough that professionals can bring in large equipment and transport the building to the spot.  

You should also consider what function the metal building will serve. If you store large equipment, the building will have to be deeper, wider, and taller than that. You’ll have to be able to include doors big enough for that equipment to pass in and out of the building. 

In addition, you’ll want to consider whether you’d like the building to be big enough to move the equipment around inside. If so, you’ll need a building big enough to house the equipment and allow for traffic patterns inside. 

If you’re storing livestock, you’ll have to consider how much room per individual will be required and if you’ll need sections to separate the individuals. If you’re using the metal building as both storage and workspace, you’ll need it to be large enough to accommodate both functions. 

Keep in mind that the highest clear span for your metal building will probably be 300 feet. Also, remember that steel buildings are specified by exterior dimensions, not interior square footage. 

Are You Looking For A Certain Style? 

Thankfully, metal is a highly versatile and flexible building material. Steel can be shaped and colored in endless ways, giving you complete control of the style of your building. Not only can you style it exactly how you want, but the building will maintain that style without the constant maintenance that other building materials require. 

Ask The NC Builders about the different patterns, styles, and colors offered for metal buildings. If you have a vision in mind, express that vision so that a professional can best accommodate you.  

Prefabricated metal buildings come in many different shapes and styles, but they’re also fully customizable packages. You can use these prefabricated plans as a starting point, whether you like the roof, size, or the number of doors, and then work with your supplier to make it perfect.  

If you like a more traditional look, metal can even be stylized to look like wood. You can also choose from many different colors. If you’d like a colorful building, you can choose from: 

  • Barn Red 

  • Green 

  • Burgundy 

  • Slate Blue 

If you’d like something more neutral, you can choose from black, white, or any number of grays and beiges.  

Beyond specifications and colors, you can also choose the style of windows, doors, and roofs. There are several shapes of garage doors and windows you can peruse to perfect your style. 

Choosing the right roofline will also help customize your building to your style. The perfect roof can transform your standard metal building into a striking presence, including single slope, hip, or gable roofs. 

As a result, you won’t have to sacrifice your style or brand. If you’re running your business out of the metal building, you can decide exactly how you’d like your business to be presented by the building. 

Choose One Of Our Prefabricated Options 

Once you have a vision and specifications, you can browse The NC Builders’ prefabricated metal building plans. We have a ton of plans to choose from that can be tailored to your size specifications and style.  

For example, we have a smaller metal building option, which is deeper than it is wide, with one garage door and one regular entry. There are minimal windows, allowing for just enough light for storage. This option is excellent for those with just a few pieces of equipment or a vehicle they’d like to store and work on. 

We also have a wider metal building option with two garage doors. There is also a regular door on the side, but no windows. This option is great for an open garage that allows you to bring in equipment or vehicles to store and work on. 

If your priority is mainly storing vehicles, we have a three garage door option that is very wide and shallow. There is one regular door for your convenient entry, but the building is just big enough to store a few vehicles. 

We have a four garage door option with a gable roof for oversized equipment, such as for agriculture. Towards the center, the ceiling is higher, allowing for two larger garage doors for very tall equipment to enter. 

No matter how large you need your building or what the function will be, we have several different plans you can choose from. Some of our metal building plans even include adding on awnings, porches, and extra-large windows. 

If you need to store very tall equipment, garage doors can be installed as large as 14 feet high and 14 feet high. 

Select Add-On Features 

Once you select a building plan, you can choose several add-on features and customize the dimensions. All regular doors are 38″ x 30″, but garage doors come in a wide range of sizes.  

For example, you can get garage doors that are: 

  • 6′ x 6′ 

  • 8′ x 8′ 

  • 9′ x 8′ 

  • 10′ x 10′ 

  • 12′ x 12′ 

  • 14′ x 14′ 

You can also mix and match these sizes according to your needs. For metal buildings with gable roofs, you can add taller garage doors towards the middle where the ceiling is higher.  

For windows, you can add 30″ x 30″ or 24″ x 36″ windows.  

In addition, you can even choose the gauge for the steel beams that make up your structure. You can choose from 14 gauge and 12 gauge depending on your size and durability requirements.  

If you’d like to add insulation, you can choose from a vapor barrier or spray insulation. If you’d like vapor barrier insulation, you can add it to your structure for $1.25 per linear foot. If you’re planning on adding spray insulation, you’ll need to add drywall. 

Finally, you can decide to add extensions to your building, whether to provide a covered porch or drive-through. Speak with a professional at The NC Builders to discuss your needs and receive a quote for these add-ons. 

Installation Of Your Metal Building 

Have you decided on the right metal building plan? It’s time to get started with your project. The NC Builders will set up a timeline to receive your metal building and pick a date for installation. 

Before you can install your metal building, read through this guide to the process. Understanding the preparation required beforehand will help keep the timeline on track and avoid any unnecessary setbacks. 

Secure Permission to Build 

In most areas now, local authorities have ordinances and required processes that you must follow to alter and build on your land. Even in the most isolated areas, you will probably need to secure permission and pay fees before starting your project. 

Many times, installing a prefabricated building can help avoid a lot of the red tape. It’s still important to check with your town’s laws for installing metal structures and any land alterations you plan to make. 

If you must secure any permits, make sure you do so well before you begin your project. 

Prepare The Land 

By now, you should have decided on the perfect location for your metal building. Ideally, this location will be spacious, sturdy, and well-drained. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  

If your land is less than ideal for construction, you’ll need to make some alterations so that installing a metal building is safe.  

For example, you’ll need to make sure there is ample space for not only the concrete slab and building but for drainage and for people and equipment to access and maneuver around the building. The more isolated and inaccessible the location, the more difficult and expensive it will be to install the building. 

You might need to clear the land by removing brush, debris, and trees. If you have the equipment and time, you could do this yourself. If you have the extra money, you could hire professionals to clear the area quickly.  

If you choose to clear the land yourself, keep in mind that any remaining vegetation, including roots, could spell trouble for the foundation of your building. If you’re already paying professionals to grade and level your soil, it’s wise to allow them to clear the land as well. That way, you won’t have any doubts about the security and safety of your structure. 

It is highly recommended that you pay a professional to grade the soil to ensure proper drainage and a stable area for the foundation. You will not regret investing in the appropriate preparation of the land.  

Run Utilities To The Location 

If you’re using the metal building as a workspace or even just need running water, you’ll need to think about installing utilities. Something as simple as running a power line or plumbing to your metal building can improve the functionality of the space.  

It’s best to plan for underground utilities, as these lines and plumbing systems are protected from weather and other damage. They’ll also stay out of your way as you’re maneuvering your equipment and working around the building.  

Ideally, you should install all the utilities you want before you move forward with your project. Plan to have professionals install electrical elements and water elements before you even pour the foundation. This will help avoid any unnecessary destruction of concrete or metal that was just installed for your building. 

Pour The Concrete Slab 

Not everyone chooses to pour a concrete slab for their metal buildings, but we highly recommend doing so. Relying on a dirt floor for your metal building means exposing the building to water, which will turn the floor to mud. Excessive water could erode the floor, risking the stability of the building. 

An excellent concrete slab will serve as a secure foundation for the building and ensure it stays in place. It will also keep the equipment, vehicles, or other supplies safe.  

Remember to provide the dimensions and required footing information to the concrete professional so that they can properly create a slab for you. Also, keep in mind that while you can install prefabricated buildings quickly, you’ll need to allow time for proper land and foundation preparation. 

Plan to allow your concrete slab to cure for at least a week before you begin the installation. Usually, concrete slabs will take up to 28 days to fully cure. This will ensure that the foundation doesn’t crack under the weight and will withstand wear for years. 

Equipment Arrives 

The metal building installers can come to your property once you have correctly graded soil and a dry concrete slab. Ensure that they have a clear and safe route to the location that can accommodate large machinery and vehicles. 

Generally, installers will arrive with a 1-ton truck and a 30-foot trailer to bring materials to your location. These vehicles will need the proper amount of space to maneuver. If you have a particularly tall or large metal building, the installers might also bring a lift.  

Professionals Erect The Building 

For the most part, your metal building will be ready for installation. Installers will unload materials from their trucks and trailers and begin erecting the building on your concrete slab.  

They’ll start by building the frame of the building with your chosen gauge of steel beams. Once the frame is complete, they’ll attach the premade walls and roof.  

Because your metal building consists only of a few separate parts, you can expect your installation to be done in no time! 

Finishing Touches 

Once installers have finished your metal building, you can choose to add finishing touches. You’ll likely want to redo the landscaping around the building that was cleared away and destroyed by the installer’s equipment. You’ll probably also consider finishing the interior of the metal building. 

For example, you could pour a new floor for your metal building. You could choose to finish the concrete that is already there, or you could pour a resin floor. You can also install vinyl. 

In addition, you can install insulation and drywall. Then, you could paint and add shelving and cabinets. You could even install light fixtures and faucets if you ran utilities to the building. 

What type of floors and walls you choose will depend on how you plan to use the building. The opportunities to personalize and finish your space are endless! 

Metal Buildings Near Me: The NC Builders 

Are you ready to transform your property with a new metal building? Stop Googling “metal buildings near me” and call up The NC Builders! With us, you’ll be able to completely customize your metal building of choice and even finance the project so you can afford what you need. 

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your project 

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