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Top 12 Uses of Steel Garages: An Overview

Steel Garages Offer Plenty Of Storage Space For Many Different Purposes. Read This Ultimate Guide On How To Use Steel Garages. 

At least 65% of homeowners have a garage. And yet, millions are spent on garages every year due to turbulent weather, destructive insects, and poor insulation.  

How can homeowners minimize the cost of maintaining their garage? 

Steel may be the answer to your problem. While other garages come with heavy maintenance and potential risks, steel garages are made for durability. If you’re short on space, steel garages can hold important storage and stand the test of time. 

Not convinced? We’ve got a list of 12 amazing benefits of steel garages. After learning about the benefits of steel, you’ll want to get a steel garage of your own. 

Why Build A Garage? 

While garages have traditionally been used for cars, garages provide more than car shelter. In fact, a lot of homeowners use garages as tool and large item storage. Garages can also double as a garden shed. 

In short, garages are your one-stop-shop for any storage needs.  

Outside of storage, some homeowners use their garage for catching up with neighbors or having a beer with some friends. Garages are convenient meeting areas that don’t require as much care or clean-up as a living room. 

Still on the fence? Here are a few common and convenient uses for garages: 

  • Weather protection 

  • Increased parking space 

  • Car security 

  • Increased home value 

  • Storage space 

These are just some of the many benefits of garage ownership. Stop stuffing old tools in usable basement space, and make room for a more comfortable home. 

If you’ve decided to go for the garage, you’ve got to pick the best garage for you. It’s time to dive into the many benefits of a steel garage. 

1. Sturdy Infrastructure 

Steel is an emblem of durability. Phrases such as “heart of steel” didn’t come from nowhere but due to the steel’s natural resilience. 

As a compound metal of iron and carbon, steel is sturdy even in harsh conditions. 

Iron has long been used as a reliable material for durable weapons. Likewise, carbon is a common chemical element used for strong plastics and alloys. By combining iron and carbon, you get a much stronger alloy metal with the combined strength of both elements.  

The final process of making steel uses intense heat. As a result, steel structures are extremely durable and heat resistant.  

If you want a garage with peak durability, steel is the tried and true material to get the job done. 

2. Fire Resistant 

Don’t risk losing your valuables to the devastating effects of a fire. Steel garages keep your storage secure in case of a fire in the area. 

Unlike wood and plastics, the International Building Code credits steel framing as a noncombustible material. This means that steel won’t ignite a fire, feed flames, or contribute to spreading fire in a fire emergency. 

Wood, on the other hand, contributes to spreading and accelerating fire. If there is a fire nearby, wood garages will not be as resistant to damage as a steel garage. 

If you live in an area with a lot of dead grass, leaves, or restaurants nearby, having a fire-resistant steel garage will be especially important. 

No structure is truly fireproof, so take basic fire safety precautions for any building. If a fire is persistent, steel can take damage and potentially fall like any other structure. 

3. Value 

You don’t have to sacrifice your bank account for a quality garage. Steel garages are both high quality and cost-effective. 

The exact price of building a steel garage will ultimately depend on the size of your structure and any optional add-on features. However, because of the quick installation time, you will get more bang for your buck with steel than any other material. 

At the end of the day, you’re paying for material and labor when it comes to garage installation. Unfortunately, the downside of any investment is the initial cost. 

The NC Builders provides multiple convenient options for payment: the finance program and the rent or lease to own program. You can make regular payments in terms instead of paying everything upfront. 

For more information on these financial programs, visit our financing page here.  

4. Safety 

For comprehensive safety, steel garage buildings are hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for storage safety or family safety, you can trust steel garages for basic protection. 

Steel garages will deter thieves more effectively than their wooden counterparts. Thieves will have a more difficult time breaking into a metal structure. 

If you want the safest possible garage storage, you can easily add security lights and cameras to increase your security. 

5. Low Maintenance 

Steel needs little to no maintenance to last for decades. The steel material is naturally resistant to harsh outdoor elements, which means steel garages can fend for themselves. 

Other materials like wood require frequent maintenance to stay healthy and prevent rotting. With a wood garage, you would need to stain and repaint the walls regularly. 

Garages are supposed to be for convenience, not for extra chores. While rust does affect steel, you won’t have to worry about rotting, shrinking, or cracking over time. 

Steel garages do their job, so you can relax. 

6. Add Home Value 

While most homeowners love to imagine growing old in their chosen home, it’s still important to have a good home value.  

If you ever need to sell your home, a garage will increase the value of your home significantly. Some home additions only add value in the short term, but garages are a timeless addition that will never go out of style. 

It will also attract more potential buyers since many car owners don’t want to sacrifice the safety of their cars. They’ll want the protection of steel garage doors. 

In addition to sellability, the increased home value gives you the opportunity for lower mortgage insurance payments. Lenders evaluate risk when they determine payments. If the loan-to-value ratio decreases, you will get a better deal on your payments. 

Overall, you want to have a high value on your home. Even if you never plan to sell your home, unexpected circumstances can happen, so have a backup plan. 

7. Weather Protection 

For weather protection concerns, steel garages are the ultimate solution. 

When extreme winds or even an earthquake hits, steel can bend to accommodate for the force. This means that steel garage buildings are less susceptible to damages from extreme weather events. 

Unless you’re living in a vacuum, your area will experience some crazy weather. If you want to be prepared for natural events, you’ll want a steel garage protecting your storage. 

8. Insect Resistant 

Insects can be a persistent and destructive problem for homeowners. Luckily, steel garages are a natural deterrent for many pests. 

Termites don’t stand a chance against steel structures, and they wouldn’t bother trying to chew through the inedible material. 

Similarly, wasps are attracted to wood structures. With a steel garage, wasps will be less interested in making your yard their new home. They will also have a difficult time entering your garage in the first place. 

Steel garages prevent infestations because of their durable material. Infestations are a common annoyance for homeowners, so don’t give bugs another reason to crawl your way.  

9. Long Life  

Steel structures tend to last longer than structures made of other materials. Not only are steel garages durable in the moment, but steel garages are durable and stubborn in aging.  

Because steel is made through intense heat, steel structures are naturally resistant to corrosion. Corrosion is a major contributor to wear and tear on buildings, which causes them to deteriorate over time. 

In addition to corrosion resistance, it does not naturally break down like other organic materials. As long as you watch for moisture build-up, metal garages won’t wear down quickly. 

Don’t build a garage that won’t make it through the summer. If you’re going to invest in a garage, make it an investment that will survive into the future with you. 

10. Quick Installation 

From material collection to assembly, steel garage buildings can be installed quickly with the expertise of professional builders. 

The installation process for steel garages is simpler than you might think. Steel garages need minimal internal support, so there are fewer parts to install compared to other materials.  

In addition, parts of the frame are prebuilt so that there are fewer obstacles and time-consuming tasks in the assembly process. 

In contrast, wood garages are time-consuming to build. Since every part is made during its assembly, you will have builders working in your yard for much longer. 

That said, we don’t recommend building a steel garage yourself. Though there are steel garage kits, even these kits require special tools. It can also be dangerous if you’re not a trained professional. 

Installation Time 

Though every structure is different, it will usually only take a few days to assemble. The exact time necessary for installation depends on a few important factors: 

  • Terrain: make sure the area of installation is level 

  • Open perimeter: provide enough room for builders to maneuver the installation area efficiently 

  • Space for vehicles: you will need plenty of space for vehicles since metal garages require trucks, trailers, and sometimes lifts 

If you make these essential preparations for your metal garage installation, then the job should be done quickly. Otherwise, you may run into potential problems during installations that will hinder progress. 

11. Customizable Options 

Steel garages don’t have to be barebone structures. At the NC Builders, you have the option to add insulation, vapor barriers, and other features to optimize your steel garage. 

Here are some of our building features. You can also check this page for more optional steel garage features. 


Why should you insulate your steel garage? 

While steel is durable, not all of your storage is. If any of your storage is susceptible to wear from high or low temperatures, you should line your steel garage with insulation. 

Insulation can also make the space more comfortable if you plan to have company in your garage. 

Vapor Barriers 

Next, consider installing vapor barriers to protect your steel garage interior. 

If you plan to heat or cool your steel garage, you’ll definitely want vapor barriers as well as insulation. Otherwise, you may get mold and frost. 

For unheated garages, the decision is up to you. Vapor barriers can be useful for the winter months but may not be necessary for warm and humid areas. 

Color Selection 

Color may seem unnecessary, but this can be an important factor for home value. As this will be a new structure for your property, have fun with the experience and pick a smart color that will work well with your space. 

Here is our color chart for every color available with the NC Builders. 

12. Covered By Warranty 

At the NC Builders, we take pride in every aspect of our building process. From the acquisition of premium material to installing new structures, we put out our best work and feel confident in our quality service.  

Every metal building sold through the NC Builders automatically has a warranty of 41 years. If there is an issue with the materials or installation, the warranty will cover you. 

If you trust us with your home, we will honor that trust with quality and care. Our warranty is your safety net, so you can get the product you ordered with peace of mind. 

Store With Steel Garages Today 

Whether you are worried about safety or value, steel is the most versatile and dependable material for your storage. Pick durable steel protection for the things that matter. 

Now that you understand the benefits of steel garages, it’s time to steel your nerves and find the best steel garage for you. 

Need a steel garage now? Contact the NC Builders for a free estimate today.  

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