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Why You Should Consider A metal Shed For Vehicle And Mower Storage

On average, an American household has around 2 cars. Yours might have more, as well as more items that take up precious garage space. For example, you might have tools and mowers, and they’re competing for a tight squeeze in your garage. And you might want to collect more items as well! If you’re having vehicle and mower storage issues, here’s why you need to get a metal shed to solve those problems. 

They're Very Cost-Efficient 

As you’ve already guessed, metal sheds are, well, made of metal! No matter where you’re located, metal’s widely available, which means they’re not expensive to source. This means you can get a shed to house your vehicles, mowers, and other equipment without having to spend a fortune on this new structure. As a result, you’ll have more money to spend on the things you actually want. 

They're Customizable 

If you don’t want a metal shed that looks like everyone else’s, then that’s not a problem! They’re easily customizable, which means you can get the exact size and shape you want. Professionals (like us at The NC Builders) can work with you to create the ideal metal shed for your property. All you have to do is take measurements of the installation site, browse the designs, and pick one you like. Then, you can work out the details with the company. 

They're Durable 

Do you have a lot of kids and pets in the household and you’re afraid of them damaging the new shed? Or do you have a clumsy spouse who might accidentally ding the shed a few times with your car? That won’t be a problem if you choose to go with a metal shed. Not only are metal sheds very durable and resistant to damage, but they’re also easy to fix up should you manage to put a hole or scratch in it. All you have to do is use filler and maybe some touch-up paint and it’ll look as good as new again. 

They Have Longer Warranties 

Not only are metal sheds more durable, but they also come with longer warranties than other types of sheds. This can help you get better peace of mind when weighing your options for sheds. 

They'll Last A Long Time 

You don’t want to put down money for a shed, only to find that it falls apart within a few years. You’ll just have to go through the process of buying another shed, after all. What’s great about metal is that not only is it cost-efficient, but it’s also very durable. Because it’s not made of organic material, you won’t have to worry about it rotting. This can be an issue with wood sheds. It’s also not flammable. So if you live somewhere where it can get dry and windy during the fall, it can be a great alternative to wood sheds. You might even be able to get a discount on your insurance rates if you opt for a metal shed. Another great feature of metal is that it’s not really affected by extreme temperature or sunlight. The metal won’t fade after years of use, and you can place your shed anywhere you wish since the material is so durable. You might’ve previously been limited in your choice of shed placement, but you won’t be with metal. Because they’re made of galvanized steel, metal sheds can withstand the tests of time with very little issues. 

They Don't Need Much Maintenance 

When you buy new things, they usually come with care instructions. So while purchasing new items for your home may be exciting, that excitement may be short-lived when you find out how much maintenance needs to go into it. That won’t be the case with a metal shed. For one, they don’t need paint or sanding like other sheds do; of course, you can always have it painted if you wish. So once you receive the shed, it’s pretty much ready to do its job. Metal sheds also won’t get pests since there’s nothing for them to bore into. The only maintenance required is maybe a light wash every now and then. You might also have to deal with rust and corrosion, which are very simple to take care of. Overall, your metal shed will stay nice and sturdy for the years to come, all without you having to really do anything to take care of it. 

They Can Be Easy To Move 

If you get a small enough shed, it’ll be pretty easy to move around. This means if you don’t like the placement, you can put it somewhere else in your yard with little trouble. This also means that if you move and want to bring this handy shed with you, it won’t be a problem either. Some sheds are so small they can even fit in the back of a truck! 

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