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11 Reasons to Consider Investing in a Portable Garage

Are You Looking To Add More Storage To Your Property? Click Here For Eleven Great Reasons To Consider Investing In A Portable Garage. 

The size of the parking lots and garages market stands at $9.9 billion in 2022. This is a 3.4% revenue growth from 2021, as more property owners realize the benefits of garages for extra storage and valuables’ safety. 

While there are many garage options to choose from, you cannot go wrong with a portable garage. And if you are skeptical about the idea, this article explains eleven benefits and reasons to consider investing in a portable garage. 

Cost Friendliness 

The primary reason most property owners are leaning more towards portable garages is affordability. Perhaps you have always wanted to own a garage as one of your tiny home storage ideas to protect your valuables from theft and vandalism. But you haven’t acquired one yet due to financial constraints. 

The good news is that you no longer have to break the bank to own a functional garage. Portable garages are made with everyone’s needs in mind, regardless of their budget. They are much more affordable compared to building a permanent one. 

However, the cost of a portable garage varies depending on the size and material. A large shelter will undoubtedly cost you more than a small one. Similarly, metal garages may be more expensive than other materials. 

In any case, the total cost of a portable garage will be less than that of a permanent shelter. But put your time into choosing a garage that matches the value of the money you pay for it. 

Don’t rush to select the cheapest option on the market, as that could indicate poor quality. Consider other aspects, such as the functionality and durability of the shelter, before settling for one. 

Enjoy The Convenience Of A Portable Garage 

The convenience of a portable garage over a permanent one cannot be stressed enough. The garages are customized to suit your specific needs. 

You can get a portable garage to fit one car or multiple cars, depending on the available space. You may also choose one with a zipper, sliding, or roll-up door. Even better, the garages are super easy to assemble and disassemble and offer the same protection as traditional garages. 

The fact that you don’t require a permit to install a portable garage on your property adds convenience. This means that you can have it anytime and anywhere you wish, provided it is within your property. 

Although you may choose to hire experts for the job, you can install the garage yourself in a couple of days. It comes with an instruction manual, so you don’t require expertise to do a good job. Therefore, besides the convenience, you also get to save a few bucks. 

You Will Love The Versatility 

Portable garages are ideal storage solutions, but that’s not all the shelter can offer. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. 

Whether you are looking for a safe space to park your car, a garden shed, or a storage building, a portable garage can pretty much be anything you want it to be. And the best part is that you get a portable metallic or steel garage at a fraction of what it would cost you to get a traditional one. 

Portable garages provide you with a versatile storage solution for personal and commercial use. The most common use is for vehicle storage. You can either choose to use it for the vehicle you use daily or an extra one that you use occasionally. 

You can use your portable garage to store your offseason gear. It is a perfect way to save space by keeping the tools and equipment you occasionally use in an accessible space. These include your farming tools, snowmobiles, and lawnmowers. 

What’s more, you can transform your portable garage into a workshop. You only need to personalize it to suit your needs. 

Protect Your Valuables 

Vehicle and valuables protection is the bottom line of investing in any garage, and portable garages are not an exception. Such massive investments require protection from theft, vandalism, and unfavorable weather. 

From rain to snow, sun rays, and hail, you can count on a quality portable garage to keep your valuables safe from harsh elements. The storage solution is made of reliable material to keep the assets from rusting, fading, and dents. 

Portable garages feature steel frames that are strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather. The high-quality fabric adds to the reliability of the shelter to keep external elements away. You no longer have to deal with heavy and clumsy-to-use tarps to keep your valuables safe. 

The shelter provides an easy-to-use barrier to ensure that your cars and assets remain dry and covered regardless of the weather, not to mention that it offers adequate protection against theft and vandalism. This gives you peace of mind even when away from home. 

Carry It Wherever You Go 

As the name suggests, portable garages are easy to carry around and set up virtually anywhere you wish. Again, this saves you money since you don’t have to invest in building a new garage every time you relocate. 

Furthermore, you can change the garage setting and move it anywhere around your property. It is designed to suit any surface, including grass, gravel, pavements, you name it. 

Suppose you are renting your property. You plan to stay there for a short while, but you need a temporary shelter for your vehicles and equipment. A portable porter garage is precisely what you need without the need to construct a garage on the property you don’t own. 

If you decide to move to another location, you only need to disassemble the metallic shelter and roll it to your new home. The best part is that when folded, the materials take the least amount of space, so you can easily pack them in your car for transportation. 

Installation Does Not Need Foundation 

This benefit facilitates convenience, money-saving, and time-saving. You do not need to lay a particular foundation to erect your portable garage. It works on nearly any type of surface. 

With this, you can move your garage anywhere, even if it is only for a few days, and install it without prior preparations. 

For instance, suppose you wish to go on a weekend getaway out of town, and there is no garage at your destination. You can carry the portable garage, set it up anywhere and enjoy the same protection benefits as you would with a traditional garage. 

However, you must ensure that the surface is stable before setting up the shelter. Check if the area has a strong anchorage structure to support the frames without drilling or digging. 

You may also secure anchor kits to support the garage. The kits come in many choices depending on whether you wish to set up your garage on asphalt, concrete, or dirt. 

There are both temporary and permanent anchors. The ideal one depends on how long you intend to use the garage or have it stay in one position. 

Save On Installation Time 

As earlier mentioned, you don’t have to be an expert to install a portable garage. You can choose to do the entire process by yourself, provided you have the necessary tools for the job. Or, you could hire a professional to speed up the installation process. 

Whichever the case, it takes the shortest time to have a portable garage up and functioning. You certainly cannot compare the time needed for this to the amount of time it takes to set up other types of garages. 

Nonetheless, the time taken may depend on the kind of anchors you choose. Permanent anchors take longer than temporary ones, but they are optional and make everything better. The installation does not require cutting, drilling, or digging. 

Putting up the frames and the cover is easy because everything comes pre-cut and ready for installation. The steel frames are quick to fit, thus reducing the overall time needed for assembling. 

The small sizes take a few hours, and you are done. The largest one should not take more than a day to mount. 

Easy Set-Up 

Undoubtedly, portable garages are easier to set up and install than permanent garages. For starters, the process demands fewer tools because everything comes ready. Your work is only to follow the attached fitting instructions, and you are good to go. 

The complexity of portable garage installation depends on the size and style of the shelter. And while the tools required may vary depending on the size, the standard ones include screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, mallets, and step ladders. 

If you don’t have this equipment, it will help to hire a professional for installation rather than spend more on items you may never need again. 

The portable shelters are made of fabric, which means that they are lightweight and easy to handle. They require minimal surface preparation, and you will get the same type of functionality and protection as you would from traditional shelters. 

Ensure that your new garage is custom-built by reputable builders who will listen to your needs and design it with your best interests in mind. Such builders will get the most done and only leave the simple tasks for you. 

Demands Minimal Maintenance 

Portable garages are made to serve you for an extended period of time with minimal maintenance. You also don’t have to be too cautious as the structures are made to withstand harsh conditions. In return, you get to save more time and money. 

However, you must be extra cautious during the winter season to protect your garage from the unexpected. During this season, it is hard to predict the weather. It could be snowy today and sunny the following day, and such abrupt changes may make the garage canvas wear faster. 

To protect your portable shelter and the valuables inside during the winter, ensure that the garage is firmly rooted to the ground. The idea prevents the unanticipated collapse of the structure due to winds and heavy snowfall. You can use a sandbag to offer extra support to the structure’s legs. 

Ensure you protect the legs of the garage from erosion and rust due to snow or ice accumulation. And most importantly, clear the ice and sleet from the portable garage regularly. Otherwise, the collection of ice on the garage results in excessive weight, which will cause the structure to collapse. 

The Garages Are Made Of Durable Materials 

Everyone aims to save money when making any purchase. And the easiest way to do so is by investing in things that can serve you for a long time. 

Durability saves you from repair and replacement costs. And with proper care, you can count on portable garages to serve you for years without signs of wear or tear. 

Nonetheless, the shelter’s durability depends on the quality of the material used. Make sure you get yours from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer. Confirm if the frames are made of authentic steel and that the canvas cover can pass the test of time. 

Check reviews and ratings from previous clients before making your order. This will give insight into what to expect from the garage. Don’t pick the cheapest without considering that, at times, cheap is expensive. 

You Have A Ton Of Customizable Choices 

From the color to the style, portable garages are made to accommodate your needs and preferences. You can select a garage color that complements the rest of your property. You also get a chance to choose your favorite color. 

The shelter can be customized to fit your exact size requirements. If you want a large one to fit multiple vehicles, you are covered. Similarly, if you want a small one for equipment storage, you only need to name your size, and it will be delivered. 

The styles are limitless. Your garage can represent your lifestyle and personality. You get to select the ideal fabric depending on your budget and your region’s typical type of weather. 

Get A Portable Garage Today 

The current times demand a lot of flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes. It would be best if you strived to invest in solutions that accommodate your needs and budget while creating room for flexibility, and one of the solutions is a portable garage. 

We are your number one portable garage provider. Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss how we can customize the shelter to suit your needs. 

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